This is how social responsibility programs will have positive impact: Study

This is how social responsibility programs will have positive impact

Recent study found that including social responsibility programs with the organization leadership development efforts it deliver results in a comprehensive way. The survey was conducted among the business and HR leaders across firms, while the survey found that leveraging a social responsibility agenda to develop leaders can help reverse this trend. Corporate social responsibility is gaining momentum as many companies such as Infosys, Tech Mahindra, HCL, Cognizant and others conducting many social responsibility programs to take a part in social development activities. Over 88 percent of the surveyed participants mentioned that linking an organization’s social responsibility efforts to leadership development has a positive impact on overall engagement and performance. Over half of the respondents mentioned that their organizations have linked the social responsibility and performance. Here in startups generation X and millennial employees have the ability to make a difference within an organization or to make an impact on the business. While the companies are working with clients in India and Asia Pacific on Leadership Development which has components of social responsibility built in. These programs will deliver high impact within the organization.

Recent study also mentioned that the top factor that improves people’s feelings about their job is working for a company whose culture aligns with their values. This is applicable to the millennium workers, because millennial workers choose one job over another is visibility and buy in to the mission/vision of an organization. The impact social responsibility helps to win the talent war and retain valuable employees. As well as it motivates the employees and ensures that they constantly feel inspired. Social responsibility is a platform where an employee feels as part of a big picture of an organization. Many companies have created value through their environmental, social, and governance activities with increased sales, decreased costs, or reduced risks.

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