Things which recruiters never discuss with you

Recruiters always try to find a right person for the right job. They also evaluate a top talent with the job requirements. It is a difficult task to analyze the potential job seeker marketability. Candidates need to pay attention to the requirements of a recruiter like skills and attire etc. People who will create impression at the first discussion will be contacted. But most of the recruiters will never tell you that what wrong you did at interview and why you are not selected. If the communication with the recruiter is non verbal, then it conveys that there will be impact on your attitude. Here you need to feel. If you read below facts and try to improve them with more practice and attention you may win the interview with more chances.

Recruiters wont tell these things

Your interview attire is outdated/ messy/ too tight/ too revealing/ too flashy.
Your physical appearance is disheveled/ outdated/ sloppy/ smelly/ overpowering (i.e. too much perfume).
Your eye contact is weak/ shifty/ intense.
Your handshake is limp/ too forceful/ clammy.
You say ah/ um/ like too much.
You talk too much/ use poor grammar/ say inappropriate things (i.e. swearing) when you answer interview questions.
You appear over confident/ pushy/self-centered/ insecure/ aloof/ ditzy/ scatter-brained/ desperate.
You talk too fast/ too slow/ too loud/ too soft.
You giggle/ fidget/ act awkward/ have facial tics/ lack expression.
You lack sincerity/ self-confidence/ clarity/ conviction.

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