Things which cannot be overlooked and observed by interviewers

Interview TipsInterviews are not only the sessions to answer for the questions but also they observe many things about the candidates. You need to know the things that what an interviewer observes in an interview. You have a good resume and cover letter and you well prepared for the questions like tell me about yourself? And tell about your biggest strengths and weaknesses? So when you are talking about these points tell only important points by briefing about what you have prepared. Pay attention to the non verbal cues like what you wore, what time you have reached and how you have been performing in interview. You never observe all these things but an interviewer observes many things of your each moment. Make sure that below interview tips may help while attending an interview and which may not be ignored:

Late arrival: Be on times to the interview and never be late for an interview. Don’t be too early and balance the appearing by reaching 5 to 10 mins early to the scheduled time.

● Be confident: Be confident and maintain a firm hand shake when you first meet the interviewer. Such gesture is polite, assertive, and sends the message you have been properly groomed for the session. Maintain a session of interview practice with your colleagues and friends.

● Check your appearance and attire: If you walk in to the interview with untidy socks and creased collar then it will create bad impression on employers. If you really want to create a lasting impression on your interviewer don’t wait until the last minute to determine if your shirt fits properly or whether you should buy a new business suit. Follow the professional dress code for interviews. It is also suggested that not to carry many things to the interview. Try to be hands-free with just a simple leather portfolio to carry your resume in perfect resume format and other work credentials.

● Avoid hmmm while speaking: Career experts advise that constantly saying ummm will make you nervous and unprepared. You can check yourself by observing that how many times you used it in your conversations and also check other people reaction when you are using it. It is better to take pause and stop while speaking if you are not getting any words instead of using ummm.

● Take notes: Taking notes while other person speaking will definitely add value to the position and shows the gratitude that you are paying attention to his words.

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