Things to avoid in impressing recruiters

impress recruiters

Job search is an important activity and recruiters will notice some acts which done by jobseekers to stop from short listing.

More creativeness in resume: Standout with a create resume means not having colorful fonts and background deigns. Having a resume with attractive keywords and informative content. So, make sure that your resume is not let recruiters from short listing.

Without groundwork for an interview: Going for an interview without doing proper homework will let you down at an interview. So, it is your responsibility to learn as much as information about the company in lines of their business, culture, objectives and missions and competitors and contemporary information. You can search this information through Google or company website. If you are perfect in expressing this information may let you win your dream job.

Messaging to recruiters: It is not advisable to send SMS to recruiters if you have their numbers also. Although texting is super-efficient, it’s way too personal for the recruiter-candidate relationship. At the same time this is ok if you can do so through facebook.

Follow up: Just making a call or sending an email to a recruiter is not enough to do follow-up. Send a formal thank you mail or call that you are interested to attend another round of meet or joining company. If you have called them many times and not getting proper response means that you are not get selected with them and they are looking for alternative or you are on hold.

Asking much information about benefits: If you have asked much information like bonuses, perks, increments, vacations, working hours, flexible hours and benefits will create other impression you. Let recruiters come out ion these topics if you get selected with them.

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