The Rise in Demand for Digital Content Specialists in E-commerce Industry

The Rise in Demand for Digital Content Specialists in E-commerce Industry

The booming E-commerce sector has created many job opportunities to the prospective job seekers. The emerging growth of the sector has created more demand for digital content specialists. Recent report on hiring trends stated that the demand for job titles like content specialists has gone by 40 percent y-o-y. The major cause behind this is the emerging growth e-commerce sector in India. Digital content specialists are emerging as a critical function in e-commerce companies. Digital content specialists create attractive content/description and product images. In e-commerce sector a product is presented in the form of content. If the content is relevant and attractive then only customers will attracted to the online product. Content specialists are also aware of the SEO tools and techniques to enhance the ranking of a website. They also have strong research proficiency which helps them target the right people with relevant and impactful content. These are directly linked to business of an e-commerce company. These are the reasons for the demand of content specialists. E-commerce companies are looking for digital content specialists who are proficient in below areas:

Content writers

Digital marketing experts

Influencer marketing experts

Social media analysts to manage official blogs of the company

Content professionals to communicate with customers

But, the major roles in digital content jobs are content writers and digital marketers. Here are the profile details of above job roles:

Content Writer :

Able to identify the concepts related to the product and write content to reach the target audience.

Able to write crisp, informative and attention-grabbing lines

Should be creative and able to think out of box

Digital Marketers :

Should have excellent digital marketing and analytical skills

Should have knowledge on the concepts of content and visual images suited to the content and targeted project

Should able to use content optimization techniques related to SEO, SMO and social media.

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