The must have apps for new generation professionals

The must have apps for new generation professionals

Productivity is an important part of this generation professionals and many young professionals choose apps to enhance their productivity and get good results in their career. Many new generation apps have been available in app store and these are the must have apps for young professionals to enhance their productivity.

Boomerang: It is a Gmail app which allows you to schedule your emails as per the prescheduled time. You can remind yourself to someone if you don’t receive a response also. It is available in both free and paid publications.

Dashline: It is a tool which helps you to keep track of your passwords wherever you log in to different websites. When you save passwords so you are not going to lose again. It gives you high security and automatic alerts when your security is breached.

Buffer: It is also an app which helps you to schedule your tweets in a queue and posts them at three assigned times during the day. You can also analyze with this app that how many people are reading, re-tweeting or responding to each tweet you share.

Doodle: It is also a free app designed to coordinate the tasks and meetings with multiple members who don’t use this app also. You can list the open dates in Doodle calendar and send the link to the colleagues.

Dropbox: It is also an online cloud based system to store your files like documents, videos, photos and others. When you add files through dropbox you can access them through any kind of devices via cloud backup. Dropbox offers two gigabytes of space for free and will charge you for additional storage.

Evernote: This app allows you to store notes, Web pages, photos, emails and other files.

Pocket: You can save any video or an article to pocket and access it whenever you have time.

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