The best tech companies for internship

best intenship

There is a growing demand for professionals across the globe and recent graduates’ prefer internships and many top tech companies from the world are offering internships to the students by offering training and work place fun. A recent survey by GlassDoor has revealed top companies to select for internship as listed below and we can see some of the interns experiences:

Facebook: The company culture embraces independence, quick problem solving, strong communication skills. There is a strong work hard, play hard mentality

Google: “Good salary. They paid for the accommodation during the whole internship. I learned a lot from the engineers and made a lot of networking

Qualcomm: Interns are automatically being considered for return internship opportunities or a full-time position. There are many career opportunities in the Qualcomm HQ, employees are encouraged to explore areas that fit their passion

Epic Systems: Epic has a great support staff for interns, and ultimately, they want to see their interns both do excellent work and learn a lot at their time at Epic. It is a good place to start out.”

Intel: My team was very supportive and assigned projects that were challenging [and] helped me to learn a lot of things that I had not learned in school. Very laid back environment that was very comfortable to work in

Microsoft: The research internship program is really well-organized. There e housing, car rental and relocation subsidies, as well as internship-only events

Apple: In addition to providing free housing (which was at worst a 15-minute drive from work) or a $1,000 housing stipend, some teams provide free lunches/dinners to employees, and you e also eligible for all the other employee benefits, like health insurance, fitness center membership, product discounts, etc

Texas Instruments: Dallas location has many perks and lots of social events for interns. Recent graduates can apply for a rotation program that lets you work in three different locations throughout the country.

Yahoo: Free food, flexible work hours, CEO with vision, company on the rise

HP: Its very easy to move to a new role and find your fit in the company. Also, amazing compensation, even as an intern.”

CISCO: There are a lot of smart people at Cisco, and this is a good place to learn and gain experience. The campus is also large and beautiful

Broadcom: Its real work, in a highly technical environment. Theres lots of scope for learning, and, in keeping with the tech culture in the Bay Area, as long as you get your work done, nothing else matters.

Amazon: The most important component of the internship is the people you work with. You are surrounded with very bright, thoughtful individuals, and it really helps to develop a passion for the work you do.

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