The Best Paying Jobs of 2015

The Best Paying Jobs of 2015

Industry experts are estimating that 2015 year will be good for hiring. The effect of Modi government has created positive impact on job market. Employers are expanding their business and hiring across all sectors with more excitement.

Below are the highest paid jobs among the industry:

Chartered Accountant (CAs): Today companies are depending on CAs and CFAs to keep their books handy for audit and annual financial planning. Even the companies are also ready to pay more as per their demand. They work in different functional areas like financial accounting, tax management, auditing, cost accounting, banking and consultancy.

Software professionals: System developers, software developers, application developers are in high demand and with fat pays. These jobs are not affected by recession with more pay than tech professionals. Even fresher job candidates are also eligible to apply and eventually they get senior level with high payouts.

Digital marketing professionals: Digital marketing professionals play key role in getting engaged with customers and generate more revenues.

Big data: Recent survey noted that there is a need of big data professionals in industries like manufacturing Automation, Energy and Transportation. Companies are paying more to the skilled professionals due to lack of talented big data professionals.

Para medical officers: Emergency medical aid professionals play key role in medical sector. Emergency medical officers are also called as para medical professionals who are on high demand in Metros and Tier-I, Tier-II cities.

Research analytical professionals: Today e-com industry is growing at great level and industry is in need of analytical professionals with right skills. E-com firms are offering high pays across all levels of research analysts.

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