The best companies to work for 2014 in India

The best companies to work for 2014 in India

Many companies have been striving hard to make their employees happy and offering benefits to meet the expectations of employees. There are no parameters for a good work place and it depends on the environment, comfortable ambiance, a great workplace culture, good and friendly colleagues and other things. Even the many organizations are offering excellent work place culture to their employees and making them stick to the company. Below are the top 10 best companies to work for India.

1. Google (India): Google not only offers work and you can get celebrated, invent, discover and support our passions. Google is an equal opportunity player and offers benefits to their community and employees.

2. Intel India: Intel offers work life balance along with flexible work from home policy and good compensation benefits. The company also offers career development programs and provides opportunity to work with smart people on international assignments.

3. Marriot Hotels India: It brings out the best from employees and recognizes the strengths of employees and welcomes ones innovative thinking. Employees are treated with respect and provided to work in flexible environment.

4. American Express India: It offers different culture that employees are represented with diversity including disability, ethnicity, faith, gender, generation.

5. SAP Labs India: SAP labs offers attractive salary benefits to their employees along with training and development programs. It is recognized for high rating of credibility, respect, fairness and pride.

6. Adobe Systems India: Adobe employees describe their work place as inspiring, empowering, fun and rewarding. Employees are allowed to think from out of the box.

7. Godrej Consumer Products: Godrej work environment is known as autonomy and encourages decision making at all levels.

8. Intuit Technology Services: Intuit offers wide range of career development opportunities to the people who have integrity, customer focus, people focus and creativity.

9. Ujjivan Financial Services: They offer best salary packages among the micro finance industry with mutual trust, fair remuneration, long-term benefits and career development circumstances.

10. Cactus Communications: It offers flexible reporting timing, telecommuting options and choose your own holiday policy to build a great work place.

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