Tech industry is looking for skilled mobile app testers: Here are the skills required

Tech industry is looking for skilled mobile app testers

Tech industry is looking out mobile app testing professionals with exceptional testing skills. In mobile app software development testing professionals are equal important to coders or developers who are essential in giving a shape to the project but also mobile app testing professionals.

Mobile app testing is part of qa testing and mobile app testers bring user experience, testing it on various mobile devices and operating systems. For mobile software product development companies recruit android application developers, QA engineers, android test teams and android & app developers. A mobile app developer should pursue below skills for effective career growth.

Various types of mobile platforms
Various types of mobile testing types
Criteria in choosing mobile testing approach
Testing a mobile platform and challenges include
Different types of testing approaches
Usability test scenarios in mobile testing
Automation mobile test frameworks and testing strategies
Now, tech industry is looking for mobile app testing professionals with below aspects:
Executing the tests as a user and providing additional coverage to the product during execution with his/her domain knowledge before the product hits the market
Connecting with the real users of the product and clients via support ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ social media, app market place reviews
Passion for the product and keeping a track of the issues raised by him/her in the defect management system
Conducting tests in different environment conditions (office, travel and home)
Observing the market conditions happening around the product/ecosystem
Knowing the history of the product being tested
Utilizing various tools ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ automation, cloud and usability
In case of a defect leakage, advanced tester tries to get to its root cause
Add the scenario into the test suit/test cases in the case of a defect leakage to avoid the same in the future
Along with bugs, the advance tester also writes a lot of product usability / product suggestions to the product / project management
He/she has a positive and fruitful relationship with developers
The advance tester adds almost all possible data when creating a defect in the defect management system
Verifies the conformance of the product in various methods/environments

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