Take a break at work to get recharge

Take a break at work to get recharge

Today’s businesses have stress full work environments with stiff competitive targets in less time frames. Sometimes it doesn’t allow taking breaks and it affects their employees in such a way that they are feeling more stress. It is also known fact that due to less targeted times and more work pressure people are suffering from productivity issues. It is most important thing to take break and re work to get more productive work. In order to increase productivity and deliver top quality work, our brain needs time to rejuvenate and our body needs a break. Quantity of work is replaced with quality of work and employees find it very difficult to take breaks. Many of the employee’s finish their lunches at their desks and most of them are get up from the desks to have lunch. Most of the employees are not even getting up for a minute from their desk to relax. This may seem perfect to some bosses and organizations, but in actuality if employees take timely breaks, it may improve the business of the organization. If we observe below thing we may know that why breaks are needed at work place:

To reduce stress: It is obvious that stress levels increases along with work pressure. Our brain can work at such certain extent as it can. Working continuously will reduce the stress levels. If an employee skips lunch may increases their stress levels and it also result in decrease in productivity levels.

To increase creativity: If you are working for more hours then it will reduce your creativity and innovation at certain levels. Take min 15 min time to get relax and get fresh ideas to work on.

To be more healthier: Sitting for a long time at one place will raise below health issues:

├»ãÆ┬╝ Micro trauma in soft tissues
├»ãÆ┬╝ Impaired circulation
├»ãÆ┬╝ Damages tendons in body

To increase productivity: Taking breaks at work place will recharge your cells and increase your productivity.

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