Survey reveals how Facebook helpful for recruiter in finding top talent

Survey reveals how Facebook helpful for recruiter in finding top talent

Social media has become an important channel for recruiting, while various social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You tube and blogs have become best tools for publishing jobs and creating awareness about your company/brand. These social media channels have become the preferred choice for professional people today. Over the years Facebook has become an important channel for creating job awareness amongst job seekers. The mobile accessibility and popularity has made it as an important channel for jobs creation. Create a company page to utilize it for creating awareness for open positions. Besides this, you can join multiple relevant groups where companies openly talk about available vacancies and job-seekers can directly reach out to the multiple employers with the provided information (company name, address, phone number etc).

Recent survey mentioned that over 95 percent employers use social media for profile search, while 49 percent recruiters found better candidates than other sources. Candidates aged between 18-34 years mentioned that they found their last job through social channel. Over 67 percent recruiters mentioned that they reject candidates with social profiles who have spelling and grammar mistakes. The study also mentioned that 1 in 5 candidates added their professional information on their Facebook page, while 85 percent use Facebook for job search over LinkedIn. Over 82 percent candidates seek job opportunities from career pages of top brands, while 67 percent employers using Facebook for recruiting. Here are some advantages of hiring through Facebook:

Reduced time in Hiring cycle
Boost in employee referral
Quality candidates
Easy pre-assessment of candidates through profiles

The survey found that over 42 percent FB users share videos, stories and links of brands they like, while 57 percent of internet savvy people have over 100 friends on FB and 59 percent FB users shares their liked brand as their status update.

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