Step towards flexible work environment

Step towards flexible work environment

Nowadays flexible work environment is gaining momentum and many organizations are offering flexi work environment options like offering flexible work timings and work from home options. The next generation work space environment is moving online and mobile and already social environment has moved in to it. Today’s professionals are not saying that they need a given amount of space, a given cubicle or a given office to make him/her self productive to finish the tasks in stipulated timelines. Organizations are only expecting to deliver the results in time than productively present situation. How to work on flexible environment:

Work from any where: Here flexible work environment offers work from anywhere and the flexibility to extend the work place via the connected world to just beyond the office. Some aspects like security standards and work place discipline are most important to understand this process well.

Flexible timings: Many times there is no need to specific work on office hours and there is work specie expectations like meeting the dead line and communicating with team. This is more comfortable for the general shift people.

Work life balance initiatives: Organizations need to encourage their employees to move towards the work life balance activities to address the needs.
o Exploring new ideas
o Encouraging new innovation
o To broaden the thoughts of self beyond competencies

Today’s major role of HR is to attract the best talent and retain them for long term growth. A recent survey explores many interesting facts like I would like greater and more challenging Opportunities or I would like to add to myself as a Professional or I would be more productive if so and so flexibility was available , all of these statements indicate that today’s Professional is more than just someone who’s happy at being given a just compensation.

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