Stand out in job search with social media tools

Stand out in job search with social media tools

Job search today is taken new ways and it doesn’t mean that sending a cover letter or resume for the job. Social media plays key role in getting noticed by employers and get succeed in job search. Dropping your resume with cover letter doesn’t work out in present scenario of dynamic job market. Get connected to the Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube tools to fit your job search and rock virtual job searching. Below tips may helpful while searching jobs on social media:

Get connected to the network contacts directly: Social media has broken the barrier sin many aspects and it has created great space for job search. You can contact your friends and take contact information to connect with them. Before sending message to the target employer do little bit research about the company like what they are doing and what they are offering and their position in the market and their products and services.

Research blogs for job listings: Most of us may check for blogs to get updated with latest developments and current affair and news, trends across various industries and specializations. Recent days most of the blogs were integrated with job postings to search and apply through their jobs. This targeting will save you the hours of searching jobs online, driving you directly to targeted opportunities

Social media sites as job seraph tools: You need to be getting updated on social media to get more job listings on your time line and you should have more networking. Know about the social media tools on Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and connect with employers and recruiters.

Have a great LinkedIn profile: Have 100 percent complete profile on LinkedIn with all details which makes you to more visible to recruiters. Get recommendations from your colleague’s friends and college peers.

Upload your video resume: In other countries video resume is common and India also it is getting popular these days. Create a brief and up to the mark video resume to impress recruiters.

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