Spouse hiring: A new trend in corporate recruitment

A new trend in corporate recruitment

Spouse hiring policy is the new trend in corporate companies to improve employee engagement. Companies across sectors – Amazon, MTS India, Maruti Suzuki, PricewaterhouseCoopers, SAP Labs, Directi, Peppertap, and Aegon Religare Life Insurance – are encouraging spouse hiring through policies or informally as a way to control attrition. Pune based Synechron put in place the policy after requests from employees. The company has 5000 employees globally and they are expecting that this policy to impact about 2,000 married employees at Synechron globally.

Companies predict that, employees glue with the same company if spouses work in same organization. So, more organizations are open to the idea of spouse hiring. PWC India recently introduced spouse hiring as a policy but with a caveat that the couple not work in the same team or report to each other. This caution is followed by many organizations as they are open to the spouse hiring policy but they do not encourage couples to work in the same department or report to each other. Online grocer Peppertap is in the process of putting a formal policy on spouse hiring.

Recently Amazon India launched the ‘Amazon Military Talent Partnership’, which offers ex-service personnel and their spouses’ employment and career development opportunities. Amazon has also setup policies such as n affinity group, the Amazon Warriors, consisting of ex-armed forces personnel, spouses as well as other supporters who will help new hires from the armed forces transition into a role at Amazon. Even Amazon encourages employee to refer good candidates including friends, relatives and spouses. Spouse hiring policy allows employees to share the same rhythm, timings, commute, work environment, etc. Some companies like Maruti Suzuki and SAP Labs India do not have a spouse hiring policy but are open to hiring spouses if they are suitable for the position.

But experts opined that it would be risky if entire family depends on the same financial source. And it is also important to maintain work-life balance.

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