Social media role in the present job market

job marketSocial media has been spreading its wings and became as an important media in this society. It has occupied an important role in many areas like business, political, social and job world also. It is an easy medium to influence the people in a short time. This communication tool is important for all age groups. Nowadays, it’s been a great communication tool for job market and it helps job seekers and employers also. Here, employers can advertise their job vacancies and job seekers can apply for the employment opportunities posted in social media. Employers can make assure that they will get eligible candidates for the jobs they’ve posted and job seeker can apply immediately when they’ve seen the information in the job market. Even companies are creating social media jobs to promote these marketing activities. The benefits which offered by social media to the job seekers and employers are as follows:

  • Helps in promoting brand image

Social media is very useful for start up and new companies in the market to establish themselves. It is known fact that when an organization is new, it is bit difficult to attract the eligible candidates. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will help in promoting their brand name and creating awareness in the market about their business. It is useful as a promotional tool to get in touch with the people who might have all the skills required to work in that organization. Not only new, even established companies also use social media to promote their brand name among competitors and networking with their peers. Job seekers also benefited by networking with the same categories and easily obtaining the information about the job positions.

  • Helps in screening the credentials of an employee/employer

These days, employers are going through the social media profile and postings of a job seekers. When a job seeker applies for a job, employers may not know that the information provided by the job seeker is valid or not. And they cannot estimate the emotional quotient of the applicant with the given details. Employers can also find out, if the applicant will have the relevant emotional maturity needed for the applied job position. They can also check the reliability of the job seeker by scrutinizing the comments to his/her postings.

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