Smart job search tips if you haven’t job hunted in 5 years

Smart job search tips

When the economy is creating good opportunities, it’s time to look for better job opportunities. However you are not looking for better opportunities then it is the right time to jump starts your job search.

Below are the job search tips for the people who haven’t searched since long time

Update your CV

Trends may change since you last searched for jobs. Update your CV with latest details of your job experience, responsibilities, job role and other details. Create your own brand with your CV and add a career summary including the relevant keywords on your skill set. . Now, companies are using applicant tracking systems to review the resumes and you need to move beyond that round to ensure a human being evaluates the document and your qualifications.

Get ready for an interview

Practice some of the interview questions prior to the interview to answer well. Make ensure that you are dressed up in professional attire and well prepared about your skills.

Get to know about technology

Many companies prefer to fill the application process online. You should know about submitting resume and cover letter online through emails.

Discuss with job seekers

Get connected with the job seekers to know about what kind of interview process they have attended and what kind of job opportunities they have. Take tips from them to attend confidently answer well.

Salary negotiations

Do research and know about the salary trends. Get to know about the salary structure for your job role in the current market. However, it’s important to remember that compensation discussions should be delayed until an offer is made. When you reach the final phase then ask whether there is a range for the position, or start negotiating if you feel your skills are worth more.

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