Rise of Technology Tools in Recruitment Process

Rise of technology tools in recruitment process

Technology in recruitment helps recruiters to understand what candidate is the right fit in the short and long-term and how to retain current top talent. Recruiters widen the base of eligible people to fill available positions with the availability of technology tools.

Self Assessment tests: Self-serve assessments let the candidates validate who they are and why they would be a good fit for the company. These tests will help employers fill positions more quickly and enable them to build more meaningful relationships with candidates sooner.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is transforming the way head hunters and recruiters do their job. Connections, networking, and arranging interviews all in the scope of a single day.

Social media: Social recruiting tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are major technology tools in recruitment. It is cost effective, gives complete brand control, allows for online engagement with potential employees, and drives a large number of referrals.

Psychometric Testing: Psychometric testing has been regarded as the ultimate tool in determine whether or not a particular candidate is suitable for the job. As a benefit, these tests define an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, giving a recruiter insight into the individual and the chance to take a more in depth look into areas of opportunity or concern.

Mobile recruiting: Today, many jobseekers depend on the high speed access of their phones to get the latest updates, responses and access to the jobs they are looking for. HR processes, including performance management, training, hiring/recruitment, and assessments are all moving away from desktops and laptops and are essential needs for organizations to have accessible on their tablets, phones and devices.Tech-savvy recruiters have plugged themselves into their smart phones and PDAs nearly 24/7 and use a variety of tools on these devices to seek, connect, and ultimately hook the best talent up with the most qualified organizations and job roles. Recruiters get real-time data; instant connections twenty-four hours a day via social media, text, and phone; and a global reach.

Video Conferencing Will Replace Face-to-Face Interview: Video interviews and video resumes will be on the forefront of this technological boom. This type of interviewing will allow employers to see a candidate’s communication skills and personality earlier in the process. Also includes paid services like Webex and Lifesize, and the ever popular Skype.Also, a great cost saving replacement for continental or international flights, giving interviews quick, easy and accessible alternatives through video conferencing for key hires.

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