Rise in Jobs Creation in Food Industry

Rise in jobs creation in food industry

Food sector is creating many job opportunities to food enthusiasts to create profiles in content and transactions. Moreover media and entertainment industry is changing the face of food industry. Earlier food industry is limited to raw materials and food processing. It can be seen under the monitoring of restaurants, nutrition, cookware and chefs offering their expertise. To a large extent, this change in the scope and outlook of the food industry is the result of the push provided by the media and entertainment industry. The potential for those seeking a career in this sector has grown manifold as a result.

Media (TV and online) gives an opportunity for food enthusiasts-turned-budding chefs with a platform to showcase their talent to the world. There is also a growing talent pool of food bloggers. A huge amount of food content is being generated in the digital medium.

The success in Media has created multiple opportunities across the levels of junior, middle and senior level positions. As the industry is expanding in to other areas there were many opportunities created for skilled manpower which the industry currently lacks to some extent.

It is also estimated that food processing industry is doubling in next decade and many job opportunities are created to process the transactions. Other than content there were many opportunities are available for multiple talents in the food industry at the entrepreneur level too. Hotels and travel/tourism are also driving the demand for professionals in the food industry. Rise of food tech startups such as Zomato and FoodPanda created many opportunities at transaction levels. So, many opportunities are being generated regularly across the levels. Even consumers are also looking to improve their lifestyles with the growing level of incomes and other factors. Thus, to balance the demand and supply food industry is creating many opportunities and has a lot to look forward to.

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