Returnee Internships: The new career prospect for women rejoinees

If you want to go back to the work after a long beak, a Returnee Internship might be just what you need. These internships are designed to get along with the industry developments. A returnee programme is as well as equalant to an internship programme for recruits fresh out of college. Here the major advantage is that women restarters will have ample work experience, they just need to brush up what’s changed since they stepped away. As compared to new recruits they are much further ahead in their career.

The new career prospect for women rejoinees

A paid internship is like you have done in your college which has advantages like retraining opportunities, short-term contracts, exciting and meaningful projects that challenge your intelligence and test your skills, while building on your resume and taking care of that gap in it. It is nothing but a perfect stepping stone to start your career journey in a right way.

Returnee employees as assets to the organization

Majority of companies have designed tailor-made returnee-programmes to re-skill and rehire women on a sabbatical, educating them and bringing them up to speed with current industry trends. These companies provide an opportunity to candidates to work as full time employees. These programs help women candidates delivering their best work and advancing themselves professionally and personally.

While many restarter programs give women a chance to work with teams on live design projects, to provide a hands-on learning experience. For this company uses existing resources to re-train new women returnee recruits, who get to learn on the job. Sometimes the work assigned to returnees may be challenging and fulfilling, based on prior work experience. It is a great opportunity to sharpen their skills, and ease into full-time employment. Women returnees would have strong presence in their newfound skills and abilities, like, time-management, organizational skills, people-management, interpersonal dynamics, patience, and thoughtful execution coupled with calculated risk-assessment.

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