Resume tips for techies

Resume tipsThis is important to have a resume for different positions. Have a good resume with technical details to optimize your resume in order to get good job. Your tech resume should speak more than your programming languages. The competition is increasing among the techies and it is important to get noticed among the applied tech people. We’ve designed a guideline to get the resume for techies.

Dos for technical resumes:
Should clearly expose your technical skills and a hiring manager shouldn’t have to go for searching your work history.
Enter brief work summary of your profile by explaining in 3 to 4 lines as focusing that you are an expertise.
Outline the technical skills you have like:
Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux,
Languages: Java, Visual Basic, C/C++, C#, Perl
Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server
Networking: TCP/IP, LAN/WAN
List the programming languages which are related to job application and don’t mention the skills you are aware of. List out the skills on which you are able to discuss with the interviewers with more confidence.
Highlight accomplishments not just job functions. Explain your roles and responsibilities in detail and highlight some specific achievements. Then recruiters will easily get understand about your job role and responsibilities.
Tailor your resume by mixing keywords related to your profile and you can use activated, designed, organized, assimilated, developed, initiated, utilized, demonstrated, and installed in your profile which are most preferred keywords by recruiters.
There will be separate formats for junior and senior level professionals. For fresher’s who have been just started their career need to concentrate on projects and technical skills:

  • Skills on top of the resume
  • Mention the experience with skillset
  • You can mention the type of clients
  • Mention your contribution in projects
  • Achievements

Interview tips for senior techies:
Tell that how you have managed a team
Tell that how you have lead the team

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