Resume and Cover letter writing tips for IT Professionals

Resume and Cover letter writing tipsCreating a resume by highlighting all technical details, projects and core skills is an important factor for IT professionals. It adds value to the resume of a job seeker, if he includes his certifications and achievements he has received in his career.

♦ Skills
Create a separate section called Technical skills/expertise and highlight your core skills by indicating that your aptness for the role and also provide the recruiter with information about your potential. Technical skills must contain the skills related to operating systems, hardware, software, networks, programming tools etc.

♦ Work History
Today’s competitive world is ruling by the technical expertise people in the IT industry and it is also important that to put a detailed IT resume, detail work output, timelines on delivery and learning aspects in previously held roles.

♦ Achievements
An IT professional resume should contain a summary of key achievements of each role performed by the candidate, analysis of productivity improvements and timelines of project completion. Including a summary table of experience in number of years related to that particular technology may also help to grab the attention of an employer.
If you win any awards or achievements or letters of appreciation for the best performance you have done in your present job or in last job also mention in your resume. It will indicate your role in company growth.

♦ Introduction
IT resume should have basic professional objective, educational qualifications, work experience, achievements, total experience and challenges faced in the career. Make a note that:
Your resume should be covered within 1-2 pages. It should contain only relevant experience and achievements.
Also include the information that related to competency and career growth in the form of certifications and domain experience.
The language which you used in your resume should not be too technical, which is difficult for a recruiter to understand.

♦ Cover letter
A cover letter speaks on behalf of you by presenting your expertise and skills.

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