Recruiting Challenges in Hiring Freshers: Report

Recent survey by on Hiring challenges of freshers mentioned that Tier-1 cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, 18.26 per cent of software engineers are job ready, while in Tier-2 cities such as Pune, Nagpur and Surat, 14.17 per cent are employable. This shows that the candidates from lower tier cities are not getting the same opportunities as those hailing from Tier-1 cities, even if they are equally qualified and skilled. Basically the Tier 3 cities are the one with the lowest employability rate. This is because of the insufficient infrastructure for developing skilled specific knowledge.

Recruiting Challenges in Hiring Freshers

The study attributes the lack of English communicative skills, which they found in 73.63 per cent of candidates, and low analytical and quantitative skills, which they discovered in 57.96 per cent of candidates to be other main reasons for unemployment. 80% of recruiters think they have a ‘high’ to ‘very high’ understanding of the jobs for which they recruit. 61% of hiring managers say that recruiters have, at best, a ‘low’ to ‘moderate’ understanding of the jobs for which they recruit. 77% of hiring managers say that recruiters’ candidate screening is ‘inadequate’. 51% of recruiters said hiring managers ‘should do a better job communicating what they are looking for in a candidate’ and ‘provide relatable examples’

54% of recruiters complain that hiring managers expect recruiters to place candidates into hard-to-fill positions more quickly than is feasible. 42% of hiring managers wish recruiters would build a pool of talent for positions so the company doesn’t always need to start from scratch and rush to fill vacancies. The health and social assistance and manufacturing industries report the highest levels of recruiting difficulty. For instance, 46 percent of respondents indicated that the most-difficult-to-recruit-for positions are in the high-skilled medical job categories.

Smaller organizations (those with 1 to 99 employees) reported having the most difficulty in filling full-time manager and skilled trade positions. Reasons for a more difficult recruiting environment include a small number of applicants, candidates without the needed work experience, competition from other employers, candidates’ lack of technical skills and the local market not producing enough qualified candidates. Leveraging social media was the most common strategy HR professionals reported using to deal with recruiting difficulty. However, the strategy that was reported to be the most effective was training existing employees to take on hard-to-fill roles.

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