This is How to Recruit Right job Candidates via Google Plus

Google+ is the ignored channel in social media recruiting. While it was surprising that Google+ is often ignored by recruiters for candidate sourcing. Recruiters can get reap more benefits from social media recruiting channel like Google+ to source right candidates. Here are few statistics about Google plus:

This is How to Recruit Right job Candidates via Google Plus

  • Monthly active users: 440 million
  • Number of profiles currently: 2.2 billion
  • Average time spent by each user: 12 minutes a day
  • Top countries: USA, India, Brazil, UK, Canada

What are the reasons to use Google+ for sourcing candidates?

Following reasons explain why candidate sourcing via Google Plus is useful:

    • Focus on average profiles: It is important to focus on average profiles rather than focusing on numbers when you are sourcing on Google+. Google plus is the platform suitable for tech savvy professionals. If you are looking to hire tech hires, then it is the excellent platform.
    • Difference between Google+ and other channels: The main difference is that users do not add a full profile details which contain their professional and personal information. It provides limited data as compared to other social media profiles like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.
    • Why not Google+: Whenever we think about Google, we assume that it is a largest search engine, great email platform, blogging platform and you tube.
    • Here you can send emails to Google+ users without having their email addresses also.

How to optimize Google Plus for candidate sourcing?
Here are the best ways to leverage Google+ for sourcing candidates:

  • Create an awesome Google+ profile: Create an impressive Google plus profile with all information including web links and relevant keywords. Make sure that you have added a nice cover photo and profile picture logo of your company.
  • Networking with right people: Networking is an important aspect in connecting with right people via Google Plus. You can connect with prospective job candidates via circles. Circles enable you to send emails to the all contacts in your circle.
  • Hangout Feature: Hangout feature connects one with each other. It connects recruiters with employers for better opportunities.

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