Reasons for not getting succeeded in job search like your friends

Reasons for not getting succeeded in job search like your friends

You have a perfect resume and exact matching qualifications with the posted jobs. You have done proof read of your resume many time before applying for the jobs. Even you have customized your cover letter for each job you are applying. Many of your friends got settled in their dream job but you are not still getting job offered and you worried a lot about the job. This is common in job seekers which are faced by them. You are also same qualified as your friends and they have bagged good job offers but you are not able to understand that where you have failed. You are searching for the reasons where you are failing to attract recruiters. Even if you think that you’ve done everything to land a job, there are important elements of your job search you’re probably overlooking. Below reasons may be cause of rejecting your resume

Reason 1: Your friends may have created their personal branding on online and you are not aware of personal branding
Create a strong online presence by creating your profile on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Create your personal brand by creating your professional blog or online presence.

Reason 2: Your friends may have strong networking and you don’t have strong presence.
Create a strong professional network and follow cordial relationships with the members. Search and connect with all professional background people and seek advice from them to get ahead in career.

Reason 3: Your friends may search continuously and you may stop in between.
Don’t stop searching for jobs when you have rejected or de-motivated. Just set your target firm and keep your eyes peeled for new job openings and networking opportunities.

Reason 4: Your friends regularly update their profile on job portals and you may not
You may have created your profile on job portals but will not create much job opportunities if you don’t update regularly.

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