QUIZZ: Is your attitude adding value to your career or not?

Is your attitude adding value to your career or not

Is your attitude adding value to your career or hurting your career? A proverb Attitude is everything that is really true. Your attitude exhibits everywhere like your voice, behavior and appearance. Attitude really impact on your career and the way you receive the career opportunities come in your way. In a professional life it is important to create a positive attitude for a long-term survival. Negative brand will spread as fast as positive brand. The image of pessimistic and negative attitude won’t give chances to get right opportunities. Having positive attitude at workplace is not impossible but it can be easy with practice. Take below quiz and read the statements carefully and choose the answers from below to find your attitude:

1. If you have a personally conflicted supervisor, then how will you respond when he/she assign a work?
Immediate decision that you can’t do
Agree to do initially but completes by taking time
Agree to do as any other superior assigns
2. You have asked for a day off to your boss and your boss given permission for only few hours at the end of the day. Then what will you do?
Anyway you will take leave and inform boss that you are sick
Discuss with colleagues and you boss know that you are not happy
Accept the boss proposal and go as he permitted
3. You have got an opportunity from your boss to attend a conference on weekend to improve skills. Then what will you do?
You said that you have reserved the weekend for some other assignments
Accept the offer and utilize it to improve skills
Accept the offer but you express your views that it is not interested to work on weekends
4. If your boss announces a new staff introduction meeting at lunch time in every month. He is also providing a big catered lunch and it will be a fun, team-building sort of event.
Complain HR that you are missing lunch hours
Accept but discuss with your co workers that it is waste of time
Accept it with a new spirit and asks if they need any help from you

1. If you get more’ A’s: Your attitude is really hurting your career.
2. If you get more’ B’s: Your attitude is bit aggressive.
3. If you get more’ C’s: You have a career winning and professional attitude.

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