Quiz: Know your willingness towards professional development

Know your willingness towards professional development

Due to the busy professional commitments we’ll forget to develop professionally for our career growth. Professional development is an important part of career growth. It is an easy or important activity if you focus on yourself to enhance your skills to be expertise in your functional skills for a satisfied career. Professional development means pursuing great career by updating yourself with learning new things and exploring new career paths. You can check yourself that how you are committed to your professional development by taking below quiz:
You always look for the opportunities to learn new things and technical skills
You take responsibilities voluntarily
You participate in classes, seminars and workshops after working hours to improve your knowledge
You show interest to participate in professional networking activities to enhance your networking
You read books and publications to improve your knowledge related to your career
You always shows interest to develop professional skills
You always develop skills required to get promotion
You always accept suggestions or advices from your superiors
You belive in handwork and good skills for future development.
Answer above questions with below options:
Give 3 points for the answer most of the time
Give 2 points for the answer sometimes
Give 1 point for the answer Never
Once you complete the answering for all above points then count your points and analyze on below:
25-30 points: You are 100 percent committed to your professional development and utilize the all opportunities to develop your skills.
20-24 points: You have started professional development process, but not completely. It’s hard to focus on professional development without clear goals in mind. Take some time to figure out what you want to achieve professionally.
10-19 points: Still you are not serious about your professional development plans. But it is important to shape your career for professional development.

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