Quiz: Know whether you are a good team player or not?

Quiz: Know whether you are a good team player or not?

Today’s business environments and work environment require good team players with many additional skills. This is the right time to check if you are a good team player not? Most of the employees think that they are good team payers but actually they are not. People are busy with their own work. It is more easy to be part of team but it is not that much easy to be a good team player. To achieve the success in your career you need to take active part in team and should collaborate with team members in a positive way. We have designed some questions to check whether you are good team player or not? So are you a good team player or not? Just take this quiz and check that your team membership.

Below questions need to be asking yourself:
1. When your team members are struggling for a task, you offer help them to come out even you are busy
2. When the team has been assigned with a task, then you will choose it with voluntarily
3. You are always provide your valuable opinion but you compromise as per the rules of team
4. You take active part at the time when team is working in snail phase and complete it in time
5. You always share the credits you received with your team members
6. You feel that team goals are as much a important of your personal goals
7. You always encourage your team members for their career success
8. You enjoy working with your team members
9. You respect your team and respects their opinions
10. You feel that your work is more important than your team members

Score and their meaning:

For the answer most of the time-3 points

For the answer sometimes-2 points

For the answer never-1 point

If your score is between 25-30 points: You are a good team player and provides support for team success.

If your score is between 20-24 points: You are a strong team player but your team need to be depend on you and believe that you are also contribute for team success.

If your score is between 10 to 19 points: You are doing things in your own way. But you should remember that you should take part of team and be a good team a player.

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