Quality of work dominates over dress code: Survey

Quality of work dominates over dress code

Recent survey conducted to know the important of dress code at work place revealed some interesting facts such as 54 percent of the employees feel that quality of work is more important than one’s workplace attire. Is dress code at work place important? No says 54 percent of India Inc employees according to a survey. The boom in e-commerce, startups and dotcom boom workplaces are becoming more open and informal. Today’s workforce is driven by challenges, innovation and freedom and not by age-old guidelines of wearing something formal or specific to workplace. Many companies have relaxed their dress code as their employees feel it is not that much important.

Recent online poll asking employees to know about that a formal dress code is still necessary at a workplace or not. The survey participants need to choose from below four options:

Yes, dress code creates a sense of belonging and unity
Yes, dress code brings professional attitude in employees
No, quality of work matters more than dress code
No, dress code can rob a person of his or her individuality

The survey has been revealed some interesting fact such as having a formal dress code at work place is insignificant stated by 51 percent of the respondents. They have mentioned that quality of work is more important than dress code. Among them 3 percent responded that they were not in support of dress codes at workplaces because this robbed them of their individuality. Mean while 36 percent of respondents feel that having a professional dress code is important at work as it brought professional attitude to an employee. Over 10 percent of surveyed employees feel that having professional attire will create a sense of belonging and unity. Moreover, many India Inc employees prefer to be flexible in their tasks and also dressing in informal or casual clothes.

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