Product Design Professionals are in High Demand

Product Design Professionals are in High Demand

E ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£commerce sector is creating many job opportunities to the potential candidates. There was an increase in demand for the blue collar workforce with high demand for last-mile delivery experts. Factors such as favorable market conditions and steady investments helped the sector to grow tremendously in the last couple of years ├óÔé¼ÔÇØ both in terms of talent and transactions. Market trends estimated that e-commerce sector is in need of technology professionals to bring that shift required for the next level of growth. In fact there will be more demand for the blue collar workforce with high demand for quality last-mile delivery folks. The other jobs in strategy and general management domain will also continue to attract talent from other industries.

Recent times many startup e-commerce firms are coming up. Many innovative job roles and job opportunities were created for the potential candidates. It is also important to check below mentioned things at ground level before accepting the job offer.

Check the role and its impact
Do due diligence in terms of the culture of the organization from a fitment perspective
From a company’s perspective, the vision of the founders
The growth trajectory of the company
The company’s customer orientation is also important
Also check factors such as how well the company is funded, its growth plans and employee stock option plan

Huge range of opportunities is there for IT professionals, in technology, there is a huge demand for talent in the mobile space and UX/UI domain. Companies are looking for the candidates with great creativity and strong product designing skills and also for general management roles (customer service/experience and back end operations) on the business side. Customer services professionals are in demand for back end support and last mile engagement. The required skills for these positions are below:

Irrespective of the domain,
Being a self starter
High-quality thinking
Ability to work in a fast-paced dynamic environment
Having a go-getter attitude are crucial

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