Pragnya meter is a customized online tool to measure, improve, and promote a job candidate’s skills through pragnya certifications. A job seeker/ an employer can test nearly 6000 skills of multiple domains and sectors which are adding and growing day by day. It is the most comprehensive online skill assessment tool to assess a potential job candidate’s technical ability and present the pragnya score to the prospective employers. Pragnya certification is using by 30000 prominent recruiters to support their daily hiring decisions. Using pragnya meter tool speedup the hiring decisions by finding most suitable candidates for their vacant positions. Pragnya meter score also measures a candidate skills among the group and shortlists an outstanding candidate from the group. Pragnya meter test takes your career to the next level and presents insights to the recruiters about the candidate’s skills.

Pragnya meter tool makes easy of your hiring process
Pragnya meter tool is easy to take from anywhere and anytime. It is easy to use and you can share your pragnya meter score on your profile to get shortlisted and see where you will stand.

Most extensive skill assessment tool at your finger tips
Pragnya meter offers most extensive skill assessment, certification and presenting the score to the employers. PM users are enabled to get 6000 certifications of leading skills and new skills being added constantly.

High quality set of question papers on each skill
We provide high quality multiple choice based question papers on each skill from multiple domains. You are also allowed to frame your own question papers to make recruitment process easier by identifying the skilled candidate with pragnya score.

Most validated and recognized recruitment tool
Pragnya meter tool is developed and reviewed by professionals from each skill. It is most valid and authentic tool in recruitment world to shortlist the qualified candidates from the list of profiles from the database.

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