Pragnya Meter: An innovative tool to rate a candidate’s skills

A Unique Talent Assessment Tool for recruitment in is a unique fourth generation job portal which came in to existence with the concept of more knowledge more jobs. It has developed many innovative products and marketing strategies with to facilitate a better career for the individual job seeker and provide greater ROI for today’s advanced thinking employer. concentrates on the emerging trends in the market and strives for matching the expectations of employers and fills the void with their innovative products like e-University and Pragnya Meter in to the market.

Pragnya Meter is a unique knowledge assessment tool with an immediate rating meter that helps you present your technical ability along with your profile to the job market. Currently, it has 6000 skill sets certifications and allows you to take an overall test on the skill set of your choice. It helps the job seekers in saving time through information gaining and practicing.

Features of Pragnya Meter:

• Get certified with 6000+ skill sets
• Over 5 crore Multiple Choice questions
• Grab the attention of over 35,000+ recruiters
• Be a priority job seeker and win your dream job

The pragnya meter test is a standardized that contains multiple-choice questions of three different types for different experienced groups. You don’t just find best candidates. You find the best candidate here. Pragnya Meter score will be reflected in jobseeker’s resume thus helping him/her get across good job openings.

• Easy and time saving tool in talent hunt
• Talented job seeker will be identified easily with pragnya meter score
• Jobseeker’s skills will be explored with pragnya score

Once the test is completed, job seeker will be awarded with a certificate of accomplishment. Wisdom pragnya certificate of accomplishment helps the employers to easily identify competitive job seekers from the list of prospective job seekers. It’s a great platform to add value to the recruitment process.

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