Overworking doesn’t Add to Productivity, Study Reveals

Overworking has become a norm in many companies and more than half of the employees are working more than the standard 40 hour week. Nearly 45% workers work nearly 9-11 hours a day.

Overworking doesn't Add to Productivity, Study Reveals

Recent study mentioned that nearly 80% surveyed employees are overworked and other 60% has mentioned that workload increased this year as compared to previous year. The study described about the side effects of overworking like stress, health issued and performance issues. Nearly 60% surveyed employees mentioned that they work long hours to meet the dead lines or to finish the assigned tasks.While,85% overworked employees mentioned that working extra hours doesn’t helps to increase their productivity. The survey also mentioned that 1 in 3 employees mentioned that they are stressed out and underpaid. Over 44% take their work home more than three times a week compared.

However, 75% employees feel less productivity due to unclear job role, employer expectations which hamper employee’s productivity. Employer expectations put employees in pressure and hampers job role, according to the survey. Among them, 35% mentioned that they don’t have clear job responsibilities as per the survey. Employee’s role plays great role in fulfilling the needs of organization vision and ensure productivity by motivating employees.

Work environment also creates role in delivering employee performance and their success at organization. Many employees avoid these factors which in turn hinder employee performance and their success at the workplace. Other reasons include approval bottlenecks (35%), lack of regular and useful feedback (30%), not having time to innovate/ideate (28%), not having flexibility options (25%), lack of training programs (15%), rigid policies and systems (10%), also plague them at their workplaces.

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