Over 70% candidates rejected in job interviews at some point in their career: Survey

Over 70% candidates rejected in job interviews at some point in their career

A recent study to find the reasons for rejection during job interviews mentioned that nearly 70 percent candidates have been rejected in job interviews at some point in their career and 60 percent were rejected because of non verbal reasons. The survey found that more than half of the job candidates have faced rejection in job interviews at least five times in their career so far. The survey was conducted across the sectors to serve as a handy tool for the professionals across sectors to prepare well for job interviews.

Over 40 percent candidates mentioned that they have given at least 10-20 interviews in their career, while 30% said they have appeared in around 5-10 interviews. Experience wise rejection reveals that candidates with 0-2 years of experience have given 5-10 interviews and those with 2-10 years of experience have given 10-20 interviews.
The reasons for the rejection during interview verbal and non-verbal elements both contribute to the failure of a candidate during a job interview. Here recruiters consider non verbal elements than verbal components.

About 60 percent of the candidates have attributed their failure in job interviews to non-verbal elements and remaining 40 percent said that they seem disinterested during the interview. While 32 percent rejected because they were late and more than one third candidates failed because of no eye contact with the recruiter during the interview led to their failure.

Among them 25 percent candidates rejected because they weren’t dressed properly and 10% said they were told that their weak handshake and bad sitting posture made their interview a disaster. Over 45 percent surveyed employees mentioned that fumbling in a job interview was the most common reason for rejection and 30 percent candidates rejected as they talked too much during their interview. About 25 percent candidates are rejected as they lack of knowledge about the company caused their failure and for 15 percent the rejection came because of badmouthing about the previous employer.

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