Oil and Gas sector to rely on campus hiring for entry level talent: Survey

Oil and Gas sector to rely on campus hiring for entry level talent

Oil&Gas companies are looking for operations/technical roles, companies are more rely on campus recruitment rather than lateral recruitment. Experts predict that demand will grow for junior level and middle level roles in operations and technical roles in the oil and gas industry. For entry level hiring companies more rely on campuses than lateral hiring. For senior level positions cultural fit and domain knowledge will be important along with having business acumen, stakeholder management, a strategic bent of mind. The other trend in oil&gas hiring would be companies rely on independent due diligence/reference checks while selecting candidates. The recruitment in Oil&Gas industry to see huge changes as the companies will move towards digitalization and using technology tools like Application tracking system. Recruiters are looking for quality applicants rather than filling up the numbers. Use of skill assessment tools and psychometric tools helps in finding out the technical and behavioural skills.

Applicant tracking system simplifying the recruitment lifecycle by enabling the electronic handling of recruitment needs. More companies are using social media platforms for talent sourcing and talent acquisition. Recruitment industry is looking for the candidates with strong analytical skills, teamwork, aptitude and attitude to explore right fit for the entry level. Demand for skills differentiates from job role and profile specific to each industry and business operations. Compensation hike would be differing from entry level to senior level. Here are the salary hike details for the year 2016.

Junior: 12%-12.5%

Middle: 10%-10.5%

Senior: 8.5% -9%

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