No Smoking at work place.Is it appropriate?


Just take a moment and think that why no smoking at workplace? Is smoking really harmful? Take little time before ego for smoke and think how it affects your productivity, time and health. Nearly 900000 people are the victims of smoking in India. Recent study reveals that people smoke for many reasons and finally get addicted to that and become unable to quit. But recent surveys shows that 2% Indians quit smoking after they fell ill even they addicted to it and unable to quit. In the corporate culture, people smoke when they are out of the office and taking a long walk. It is the feeling that they will revive their activeness s trough smoking and intense to feel have it. Smoking is more a habit than anything else, many like smokers present it and the smell of cigarette makes other uncomfortable at informal meetings.
Many people smoke just because of the habit and stress is also another reason for smoking. But it is fact that stress will not be relived with smoking and stress will not be a fact for smoking. But companies don’t allow their employees to smoke during work hours. Career experts say that there is no evidence of improved productivity after consuming a cigarette. In fact, such a claim is considered to be nothing more than a justification for the habit. Many of us know that smoking is bad for health and causes lung cancer and other health problems. There is a surprising fact according to the 2009 Tobacco Atlas report; India ranks third in the top 20 female smoking populations across the globe and women smokers will have great impact on their health.
Quitting smoking is possible these days with advanced technology and sharing with friends and holidaying, meeting people, gyming, pursuing hobbies etc. You can interact with friends through technology and relived your stress. So, give a try.

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