New trend of hiring: Recalling the Ex employees


Finding the right talent is really a big task for recruiter these days. Employers are not able to find the right talent and recalling the former employers by rehiring them to their positions. They are bringing back to their old positions to get high performance standards from them. Accepting this kind of offers may add value to your profile which creates a value that your performance is recognized by your old employers. Ex employees are well known about work needs and organization culture and companies find it more worthwhile to recall the high performed old employees rather than searching for new candidates. When they are returning back they are being offered with senior positions roles and they are effectively working for their roles.

Rehiring is mostly taken in some areas where finding the right talent is difficult and it takes more time for training. Some companies calling back ex employees for the positions of revenue generating and need to create public relations and contacts to deal with clients. Infosys also rehires it ex employees on the initiative called Green Channel hiring to set boundaries of matching with culture. Rehired employees’ shows high performance than usual and prove that employer’s decision is right and it reduces the recruiting costs as compare to recruiting a new person for that role. Rehires also tend to have longer tenures upon their return and it also boosts their retention efforts.

Some companies maintain old employees’ network through their official network groups and if they express their interest to rejoin in their organization they are welcome back. They use to post the latest developments in their company from the perspective of brand and developments in many aspects and culture wise. Employers have created several engagement platforms that help them to connect with them. They have been invited them for our seminars and symposiums which we conduct on a regular basis so that they can re-familiarize themselves with the company.

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