New IT Job Roles for the Year 2015

New IT Job Roles for the Year 2015

IT industry is updating itself every year from technology and talent also. Industry experts predict that big data, data analytics and SMAC (social media, mobile, analytics and cloud) will be top roles for the year 2015. New emerging roles have been dominating IT industry. Have a look on emerging roles for the year 2015:

Cloud Integration Specialist: Professionals of this area work on to simplify the purchases and integration of cloud applications and software packages in the existing system. Skills required to work on this functional are PAAS, SAAS and IAAS, Cloud Apps, AWS, Azure, PAS platforms, Cloud-Virtual Desktop Infrastructure-VDI. The average salary will be in the range of Rs 4-10 lakh.

Collaboration & Social Media Evangelist: This specific role is responsible for enhancing communication and collaboration among teams using social engagement tools. The job candidate must have knowledge of behavioral sciences such as anthropology or organizational psychology. Skills required working on this functional are Social Medial Tools, Digital Marketing, Media Strategy, and Content Strategy. The average salary will be in the range of Rs 4-7 lakh.

Information Insight Enabler: If you have experience in market research, data analytics, statistics and big data then you can look for this job. Basic required skills are Boomi Platform, SQL, WEBMETHODS, CRM Analysis, DBMS Architecture, Data Structures & Algorithms .The average Salary Range will be Rs 6-10 lakh.

User Experience Guru: A candidate with complete knowledge of user-centered design process, tools and techniques will be suitable for this role. Basic required skills are Application Programming, User Experience (UX) Designer, HTML5, CSS3, Software Development, Visual Design, Interaction Patterns, Information Architecture, and UX Analysis.

Technology Broker: If you have experience in sales/business development, procurement or managing IT providers with right skills such as unified cloud provisioning, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), IT Management, Systems Integration, Project Management can look for this role.

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