New generation job search trends

New generation job search trends

Follow the changing trends in job market and take your job search to the next level with upcoming trends in job market. Social media is the innovative tool for job seekers and employers for this generation and 2014 is going to be the most important year for jobseekers because of prospective candidates will be thoroughly screened by employers, even as job opportunities increase as baby boomers continue to retire. Below are the innovative top five job search trends in market.

If you are more tech savvy then there will be more demand: There is a great shift in this year as it is the year of screening through social media, video interviews and electronic reference systems. It is also considered that only electronic systems matters and it is also important that how much you technically strong. This is the year of mobile app developers and there is great demand for mobile apps and video interviews. If you follow these rules definitely an opportunity will come to your way.

Remote working scenario: If you are not looking for a job which needs to work between 9 to 5 then you can go for freelancing jobs or some other challenging roles which you are interested. Virtual office or work from home or new trend working options for these days and they are occupying great place in present days. That is the reason many employers are providing the best employment opportunities by attracting top talent from all over the globe without relocating to the company premises.

Have the great online presence: These employers prefer the candidates with strong online presence like social media, LinkedIn, blogs and Google search. It is also important that checkout your name on Google and see where it is appearing and present yourself in a professional way with great online presence.

Perform continuous job search: A recent report reveal that a common jobseeker switch to 11 jobs in their 18 years career and 48 percent of people look for jobs once in a while.

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