Networking is the key towards greater job opportunity

Networking is the key towards greater job opportunity

Networking plays key role in job search. Here are the tips for better networking.

Online networking:

Let your contacts to have a look at your resume and help you tweak it.

Connect through online message boards like twitter etc that basically allow you to post small messages and read messages posted by others.

Subscribe to blogs that have job listings and create your own blogs with articles about your professional interests.

Keep on updating your social networking profile to stay in touch with their professional network.

Use popular social networking sites as job tools.

Explore new career paths by staying informed about those in your social network who have the same or similar career paths to your own.

Consider showcasing your savoir faire within your professional network by joining in open forums and groups to spark constructive dialogues and discussions relevant to your specialization.

Your LinkedIn profile need to have a ‘100% complete’ profile in order to be visible to potential recruiters

Scoring a job through Facebook made easy

Twitter is a great platform to connect with new people and companies which is much more difficult to do on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Do’s and Don’ts of online networking in job search:


Set up a LinkedIn account, with a strong summary that includes keywords and phrases for skills employers would look for in your industry.

Join and participate in several groups related to your career interests

Get as many LinkedIn references as you can

Follow companies in your industry

Do searches for keywords relevant to what you’re looking for

Start a Twitter account if you don’t already have one.

Do searches for those keywords and relevant companies

Handle the online contacts with proper amount of decency and respect.


Don’t speak ill about your current/previous employer.

Don’t bad mouth your current or previous bosses is an absolute NO during interviews.

Don’t forget that everything you put online stays out there somewhere, and anyone – prospective employers, former bosses, etc. – can see it.

Don’t refer to yourself in your LinkedIn profile or Twitter headline as “unemployed” or “job seeker.

Don’t throw every noun you can think of to describe yourself in your Twitter profile.

Don’t forget to check out Google Plus, Pinterest, and other social networking sites too.

Don’t start an account and never update it.

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