Networking for job search

Networking for job search

This is social media era and it is important to have strong network for succeful social media networking to get more opportunities from top companies. Online networking has become an important tool in job search and it is an effective way of job search. If you are not networking the n you are surely missing some job opportunities. Below tips may helpful to get good opportunities in your way.

Networking sites: There are many social networking sites are available to connect and help the group members with some objective. Not only social networking sites there are other professional networking sites are also creating job opportunities if we use them in a proper way.

Online message boards: Some online message boards like twitter allow you to post messages and read messages on your dash board. You can search that kind of websites to connect with members in your group and do job search on those grounds. You can connect with the communities with same industry and sector who may be able to provide help and the right kind of career guidance.

Blogs: You can subscribe your own blog with posting your favorite professional interests. Get connect with same blogs in the industry and add links to your blog and get attention of recruiters. Get in touch to know the latest happenings and career interests.

Video resumes: Now trend has been changed and many job seekers have been adapted video resume and uploading on networking websites and video sites like YouTube, metacafe etc. This will be visited by many people online and refer to other jobs in their companies.

Candidate search: Job search is searching for jobs and candidate search is searching for resumes by recruiters.

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