Must have Job Hunt Strategies: Read this


Job search is not tough if you follow some strategies like facing the market competition with right strategies. Follow some basic tips to face the market. Landing you favorite job is not that much easy and it requires some ground work and basic preparation to get landed. You should have unique skills among the group of people and present them with right approach. Below strategies may help you to land you dream job.

Preparation: It is important to prepare well for the interview you have received. Recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and project them with right approach. List out the companies where you want to work and your domain is popular. Learn their business goals missions and objectives and prepare notes to answer well in an interview.

Focused cover letter: Once you have listed out the companies then prepare a good cover letter related to your job application. Your cover letter should be targeted to the recruiting person and it should cover your achievements and goals and specific skills if you have any.

Your CV as a marketing tool: Your resume is your marketing tool and it should convenience the employer that you are the opt person for the job. Highlight your experience, your job responsibilities, qualifications and achievements in an order. A recruiter must able to read your resume in glance.

Interview skills: Finally how you perform in an interview is important at an interview. Prepare well, dress properly for an interview; reach on time answer well with good communication skills. The impression which you create at an interview will increase your chances of landing job.

Do follow up with recruiters: Once you have finished your interview then do formal follow-up with interviewers. Send a thank you mail and call them and know the status of an interview. These are all establishing you as you are interested to job.


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