More than half candidates fail to do research on company: Survey

More than half candidates fail to do research on company

Recent survey found that over 50% candidates fail to search about the company. The survey was conducted to know about the interview blunders made by the job seekers. The survey also found that job seekers fail to do research about the company and role they are looking for.

The most common interview mistakes made by jobseekers are include failing to do research about the company that they are applying for(72%)not engaged with the interviewer (51%),poor dressing (44%),fake achievements(37%), not asking questions (37%),unclear responses(29%),not able to answer for some questions(16%) and complaining about their current employer(13%).

Nearly, 77% surveyed employers across IT/Telecom, ITes and internet dotcom mentioned 50% candidates make mistakes in interviews and 66% automobile industry employers mentioned that more than 50% candidates make mistakes in interviews.

Over 45% candidates make mistakes as mentioned by BFSI/Finance sector employers.

Nearly 73% manufacturing and retail employers mentioned 25% candidates make mistakes.

The average time spent in an interview is mentioned as 5-10 minutes by 23% and 12 minutes by 47%, over 33% mentioned as on average time sped is as 12 minutes.

The common questions which confuse the candidate is that dates of employment (5%), academic degrees (5%), explaining how they fit for the job (21%) and explaining their skillset (19%).

The survey also mentioned that 45% entry level candidates make mistakes followed by middle level candidates (37%) and senior level candidates (21%) respectively.

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