Mobile Wallet Application – A Break Through in Technology

There flash news in payment mode when you visit your BigBazzar, Reliance stores; soon launching in India. The mobile payment is also known as mobile wallet application, which is an alternative method of payment. This is really a break through in technology, makes it very easy for the user .The user need not carry all his credit cards, debit cards or cash to buy or shop any thing, he does not have the headache of remembering passwords and data ;there is no fear of loosing or misplacing the credit or debit cards.

As the mobiles and smart phones have penetrated through out the world more than 80%, this application can be used in all the countries in which it is launched as long as you have a mobile and you have a subscriber that support this application. This application is already into use in USA, UK and more than 15 countries and quickly the use of this application will be seen in all the countries over the globe.

Imagine an application that would enable you to:

  • Never have to worry about remembering usernames and passwords again – and be confident this critical data is completely secure
  • Keep smart shopping lists for everything from groceries to gifts to DVD’s
  • Show a slideshow of your favorite digital photos to your friends and family anytime, anyplace
  • Manage your financial accounts wirelessly from the palm of your hand

How to use this service?

From the consumer’s perspective, the payment process is very simple. To use this payment method, no pre-registration or agreement is required as long as the consumer is a customer of a participating mobile phone operator. Even pre-pay customers can use this service.








1. The consumer chooses mobile phone as payment option and enters mobile phone number on web site

2. Mobile phone carrier sends a confirmation request via SMS to the consumer’s mobile phone.

3. The consumer approves the transaction by replying “yes” to the SMS.

ü  Customer selects the item, he want to purchase from the store.

ü  At the payment terminal, he flashes is mobile, instead of his credit/debit card/Cash.

ü  The amount is transferred from his bank account directly.

ü  Not to mention, his SIM and mobile supports banking transactions.

Infrastructure required

In the case traditional store, you see credit card reader/debit card reader/cashier to collect money in cash, and customer collects his purchased item.

In Mobile payment service, store needs to be modified to suite wireless application device (this is similar to malls where you can check the item’s price by scanner device).

And touch less pay counter, where customer takes his mobile, and opens application and

launch the same. In this case customer “data” is transmitted to “Payment terminal”.

Payment terminal validates the “SIM operator”, if the mobile/customer are valid. All these operations will happen in split seconds.

Commercial implementations

 Google unveils mobile wallet service.html for goods at 120,000 U.S shops including Macy’s, Walgreen’s, American eagle, Bloomingdale’s, Peet’sCoffee, Toys‘R’Us, Subway, Noah’s Bagels and many other stores. Sprint is also a partner at the launch, since it sells Google’s Nexus Smart Phones, one of the only phones in the U.S. capable of using the new Google Wallet. The Nexus supports NFC, an open standard backed by many companies including Microsoft, Visa, Sony, Nokia, and AT &T. Android now supports NFC technology and additional phones are expected to become available soon.


with all four major payment networks here in the U.S.: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. That means Isis’s upcoming mobile wallet has taken a big leap forward in terms of supporting all the ways people choose to pay, whether by credit card,

debit card or even prepaid accounts.

Mobile Wallet Appication






Wallet on your iPhone Store, Secure and Sync Everything.

Now you can take your Wallet with you wherever you go. All of the features you love in one slick little app.


256-bit AES encryption with additional security features, including locking on sleep.


Sync with Mobile Me, Drop box, or WebTV using 3G or Wi-Fi, or directly with your Mac on a local network.


Instantly find what you’re looking for with a single search.


Automatically fill in web forms with your Wallet data using the built-in browser.


View PDFs, photos, Word documents and more attached from the Mac version.


A beautifully sharp and crisp user interface for your iphone’s retina display.

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