Mobile recruitment is growing across the sectors: Study

Mobile recruitment is growing across the sectors

Mobile recruitment is one of the key recruitment trends and 32 percent of the organizations planning to target prospective candidates through mobile. A recent study found that nearly 55 percent of the organizations have implemented mobile recruitment strategy. Among them 58 percent of the organizations felt that it’s a time and cost effective recruitment technique. Around 53 per cent of the organizations have mobile optimized websites and 24 per cent have mobile applications for candidates. The survey also mentioned that the candidates are receiving the job alerts on smart phones, candidates recording answers to written questions from their mobile devices, making the job interview as portable as the application and the employers accessing the interview videos as and when required, mobile sourcing is growing as a medium for talent acquisition.

The Interesting fact is that nearly 47 percent of organizations that have not used mobile for hiring due to the lack of reliability and security of the technique. It was also found that, most of the staffing leaders are not well versed with mobile recruitment tools and methodologies, forces 45 per cent of the organizations to stay away from applying mobile application for recruitment purpose. However, most organizations are aware of mobile requirement techniques to target prospective candidates through mobile. Of these, 32 per cent plan to implement mobile recruitment through external help. It is also creating demand for digital recruiters and app developers. Mobile app marketing is growing rapidly and creating huge job opportunities for app developers. With increased penetration of both smartphones and internet, users are spending a lot of time on their mobile, using apps. More and more businesses adopting mobility and integrating technology into their business processes, demand for domain and process consultants in this industry would also be created, besides the ever-growing requirement of engineers and mobile technology professionals.

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