Mid and senior level professionals to see maximum growth in healthcare industry: Survey

Mid and senior level professionals to see maximum growth in healthcare industry

Recent report on hiring trends in Health and pharma industry mentioned that health care industry witnessed a 1.5% rise in hiring activities during the year 2015. According to the industry experts there are more opportunities available for pediatrics, cardiology, anesthesiology and physiotherapy professionals. Experts predict that R&D and medical tourism is going to catch the momentum. Demand was more for production, maintenance, quality assurance and control roles. More jobs will be created in biotechnology, Pharmaseutical and R&D. Industry is looking for mid and senior level across the technology roles. International locations saw maximum jobs share for experienced medical professionals.

Core medical, health, biotechnology and pharmaceutical specializations saw significant demand during the year 2015.Delhi NCR and Bangalore created maximum job opportunities in health care market. More opportunities exist for the professionals across experience levels. The year 2016 going to see huge demand for doctors, nurses, medical professionals, sales professionals and technology experts. The report mentioned that India is the land of opportunities for medical professionals and players in the industry with huge jobs creation and salary increments. The overall Indian healthcare market today is worth $100 billion and is expected to grow to $280 billion by 2020, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.9 per cent, according to a report by the India Brand Equity Foundation.

Health industry requires large number of professionals as there was a shortage of 64 lakh skilled professionals across roles and experience levels. More professionals sought at middle level in pharmacy, radiology and laboratory executives. Apart from functional skills, empathy, anticipatory skills and emotional quotient would be of significance. Among them more senior professionals are sought for support roles such as IT, front office, business management, accounting and tech writers saw a considerable rise in demand. Compensation trends will be linked with performance and skill efficiency.

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