This is how to mention part time jobs on your resume?

The contribution part time jobs at your professional career may play crucial role to join your first job. However, no matter where you are in your professional stint these part time jobs pay key role in your professional growth. Do not hesitate to add them in your resume as they may include in the mentionable experiences. You need to determine below aspects to focus on really what is important for the hiring manager to go through on your resume.

part time jobs on your resume

●   Main emphasis on results: You need to focus on your results rather than responsibilities. This is applicable more when your job responsibilities are unique from job position. Highlight your accomplishments and its impact on your resume rather than showing that you are a high performer. When adding bullet points the focus should be on results, benefits of your actions and outcomes.

●   Transferable skills: The other way to determine your part time experience is by identifying your transferable skills.These skills are relevant and helpful across the professions. You can highlight these transferable skills as:

o   Client-facing responsibilities
o   Ability to work collaboratively
o   Strong communication skills
o   Capacity for multitasking in a pressurized environment
o   Leadership qualities
o    Time management

●   Exhibit that you are a quick learner: Use your part time jobs as you are demonstrated to learn new things and use it as a step where you have learned something new from the part time jobs experience. Ability to learn is the great skill, can helpful in long run particularly when companies known for hiring a potential candidate rather than related experience.

How to mention your part time experience in your resume?

You need to mention it in two categories to describe your experience like ‘Related Experience’ and ‘Additional Experience’. Use one category to describe the experience that is related to the job you are applying for and use the other category or the experiences that have added to your professional growth but do not directly link to the job.

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