Manufacturing Industry Saw Stable Growth in Hiring Activities: Survey


Manufacturing Industry

Despite of the government initiations such as Make in India, India’s manufacturing sector saw stable growth during the year 2015. India is now and attractive hub for foreign investors in manufacturing sector. Many manufacturing companies’ across mobile phone, luxury and automobile brands are looking to establish their own presence in the country as per the sources. Recent survey mentioned that demand was high for engineers in civil, mechanical and electrical domains during 2015 in manufacturing sector. The growing importance of quality has created more job opportunities for quality professionals at mid level. Content management, project management and client servicing professionals were sought in 2015. 2016 year going to witness demand for skills across automated processes. Metro recruitment looking to to create emerging jobs across locations, Tier II and Tier IV cities, and international locations to attract entry level talent in 2016.

Smart cities and other initiations such as developing industrial corridors would assist integrating, monitoring and developing a conductive environment for the industrial development and will promote advance practices in manufacturing. Entry level professionals are sought after in production, manufacturing, maintenance, civil and electrical engineering disciplines. Demand will grow for the experienced professionals across new technologies. There was an active hiring in metros during 2015 in manufacturing sector. Currently industry is looking for the professionals across channel sales, project management, mechanical engineering and plant maintenance. Functional roles such as HR, technology and business management too witnesses considerable growth in demand for candidates with less than 2 years of experience.

Manufacturing sector looking for the senior level professionals specialized in production management, quality management, purchasing/sourcing and plant maintenance. Senior level people involve in designing, monitoring and developing chemical/ biochemical equipment and processes, ensuring systems are safe and as environment-friendly as possible, evaluating costs, conducting research and preparing production reports. There is an annual salary increment of 12% expected for the year 2016.

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