If you love computers, programming could be right job for you: Here’s how

Computer programmers also called as coders, design and build tools, apps, and websites for companies and individuals. They works on building enterprise reporting software that may include client information, crates websites lets you place customer orders online. Initially it was a specialized field, so computer programmers working virtually across every industry they focus on all areas. The main job responsibilities may include different parts of programming projects. Sometimes the job responsibilities of computer programmers may overlap with software developers and computer scientists.

Computer programmers

●    Writing and testing code in multiple programming languages (C++, Java, PHP, etc.).
●    Troubleshooting existing problems with websites, software, or apps.
●    Creating and launching software or app updates.
●    Brainstorming solutions for bugs to improve user experience.
●    Meeting with clients to review issues and goals, in person or virtually.
●    Learning new programming languages that can be used to create specialized software.
●    Tracking project progress and logging issues during the coding and testing processes.
●    Teaching peers and clients about computer programming.
●    Training new employees or clients to use internal systems.

World’s largest IT services companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are employing thousands of computer programmers at many levels like freshers, mid and experienced levels. Startups offer huge career growth and flexible work options to computer programmers. Many computer programmers also work remotely or freelance. Following educational qualifications required to make your career as a computer programmer:

●    Computer Science
●    Computer Programming
●    Web Design and Development
●    Computer Development and Analysis
●    Information Technology

A typical computer programmer should have a bachelor’s degree, advanced degrees may not require but having following skills will be an added advantage.

●    Programming Languages: programmers should have knowledge of several languages, including C++, Java, PHP, and others, depending on the field.
●    SQL: programmers also need to be familiar with this database management language, often specific to a company or industry.
●    Project Management: programmers must have knowledge on how to track and update projects, often using software tools like JIRA or Trello.
●    Communication: Should have good communication skills.
●    Composure: Should able to meet the targets, tight deadlines and resolving issues as soon as possible.

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