Looking to Change Your Job? Here are the Skills Employers Looking For


Change Your Job

Recent survey found the important skills that can get you hired in 2016. Companies are searching for these profiles since 2015; experts predict that these skills will be in demand in the year 2016 also. If you have any one of these skills you will be expected a call from recruiters. Learn these courses and sharpen your CV with our resume services.

The year 2015 saw rise in demand for cloud profiles across the globe. Still there is more demand for the data analytics as we are living in an increasingly data-driven world, and businesses are still aggressively hiring experts in data storage, retrieval and analysis. Some skills such as game development, digital and online marketing, SAP ERP systems, computer graphics and animation and integrated circuit design recruiting skill category itself dropped from 2015 list and some new skills placed in 2016 list. Employers are looking for some new skills as mentioned below. If you are thinking about learning these skills including cloud computing training, then learn at our e-university. Test your skill ability with our Pragnya meter to get shortlisted for the jobs you are applying.

Cloud and Distributed Computing Courses:

Cloud Computing
Big Data
Amazon Web Services

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Courses:

Data Analysis

Digital marketing

Mobile Development Courses:

iOS Development
Android Development

Network and Information Security Courses:

Network Security
Vulnerability Assessment
Computer Forensics

User Interface Design Courses:

Interaction Design
User Experience Design
Mobile Design

Perl/Python/Ruby Courses:

Ruby on Rails

Virtualization Courses:

VMware vSphere
VMware Workstation

Business Intelligence Courses:

Crystal Reports

Database Management and Software Courses:

Microsoft SQL Server
Database Administration

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